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Made for Indie Game Making Contest 2018! Join Melody on her silly adventure to change the world in this action adventure game made in RPG Maker MV! Your dialogue choices in boss battles can effect enemies and even the ending of the game! 4 endings total! Learn new skill and perform amazing feats with your trusty spear!

Talking to the the green hair NPC "Mike",  will allow you to save. He will be in various areas. Be sure to play with the sound effects on, or you may have a hard time.

Controls are 

shift to jump

Z or space to loot/cancel/advance dialogue

C to attack

X for a no damage Knock back attack that gives you space and fills extra TP.

D for a special attack unlocked after the first boss.

F for a special attack unlocked after a battle in a side area.

Install instructions

Unzip the file with 7zip or Winrar and find Game.exe. Double click it to play!


How not to full.7z 382 MB
How not to credits.txt 620 bytes

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